Bleeding Control



What is the Bleeding Control Course?

The Bleeding Control (B-CON) course is part of the “Stop the Bleed” campaign and is designed for those who have little or no medical training but may be called upon to respond to and deliver trauma care and bleeding control prior to emergency medical services (EMS) arrival or in an austere environment.  It teaches bystanders the initial steps to take to care for bleeding patients and the training you receive can be applied at home, at school, in a mall, on the job or anywhere you encounter a situation that requires immediate action to “Stop the Bleed”.

Who Should Attend?

While the course was developed as a response to the Sandy Hook school shooting and other active shooter/bombing incidents across the country, it pertains to all people in all facets of life. Suggested course attendees include, but are not limited to: public safety professionals, teachers, students, tradesmen (carpenters, manufacturers, electricians, plumbers, etc…) security officers, theater attendants, farmers, lawn care specialists, and those that work/volunteer in venues where large crowds may gather (casino, concert venue, fairs, etc…)  THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!

Successful Completion

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to rapidly identify any life-threatening bleed or hemorrhage and appropriately “Stop the Bleed” through the practical application of direct pressure and/or a tourniquet (commercial or improvised) and packing wounds, if required. Students will be proficient in tourniquet usage for both self-application and buddy application.

This course is endorsed by the American College of Surgeons and the Department of Homeland Security.  Students will receive a completion certification following completion of the course.

BCON Course Schedule

  • BCON Lecture
  • Tourniquet Single Skill Station
  • Wound Packing Single Skill Station
  • Jaw Thrust Single Skill Station

Average course time is one hour to a max of 90-minutes as needed.



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